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A monthly study plan is a subscription to online private lessons that are customized for your learning goals and taught by a real instructor. Monthly plans give you access to 1, 4, 8, or 12 hours of private online lessons per billing cycle, as well as Fluent City's full list of resources. Monthly plans renew automatically on the same day every month.

A package allows you to purchase 12, 48, 96, or 144 hours of private lessons at one time and does not renew automatically. You'll have 12 months to use up the lessons and freedom to allocate your lessons at the frequency of your liking.

For monthly study plan: absolutely not! Your commitment is monthly and you can cancel your subscription any time before your next billing date. Lessons will not roll over to the next billing cycle.

You can stay with the same teacher, or else work with as many as you'd like, and similarly you can study only the subject you choose at checkout, or else study as many as you wish!

You’ll be able to schedule your online private lessons anytime, as long as it’s 24 hours ahead of the current time (pending teacher's displayed availability -- if you don't see a slot, get in touch with [email protected] and we'd be happy to assist!).

The monthly plans renew automatically on the same day every month. The prepaid package is a one-time purchase and is not a recurring charge.

These private lesson offerings are valid for adults 18 years and older. For kids' and teens' offerings, please check out our Kids & Teens page!

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"My tutor and I work specifically on the parts that are trickiest for me. It’s really exciting to see how my skills have improved!" - Sarah B.
"My very first lesson, I was HOOKED! My teacher was so encouraging that I upgraded my plan to do more. Fluent City is worth the investment!" - Jamisha T.
"The level of attention I get from my teacher is worth it, and so is the ability to schedule around my busy life." - Nicole E.